Monday, May 08, 2006

A New Blog

For you non-baseball fans who are readers of the blog (at least those who I haven't scared away) I have a new blog which may interest you.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Red Sox 7 Yankees 3

I was not able to watch the game due to my schools late closing but I did see the game play by play and was very frustrating. The Yankees have two relievers who have any reliability out of the pen. They have one good LOOGY who can't LOOG against Ortiz and Sturtze who should be known as a ZOOGY (Zero outs only guy). Then they have Small and Proctor. Small is useful for spot starts and long relief. He walks too many and strikes out too few to be used with any reliabilty out of the bullpen. Proctor is a strange case. He walks many batters and strikes out a lot and is a home run machine waiting to happen. But he is a useful reliever who can take up a few innings. The major problem is that Torre isn't aware of most of this. He thinks Sturtze=Farnsworth and that tied road games are not for Rivera. So far this thinking has cost 2 games and it will keep on happening. When Dotel comes back the Yankees will have the best 7-8-9 combo in the league but right now they need to find somebody for the seventh. I think that Jaret Wright would be the best choice. He has stamina and he has potential if he doesn't have to go through the lineup more than once. He needs to be in the pen when Pavano returns in June so we should start training him for it and give his starts to Small or Proctor.
In better news the Yankees top prospect is now up to Double-A at the age of 20. In 2007 we're looking at a rotation of Hughes, (maybe called up in July or so) Wang, Chacon, Johnson, Pavano, and one of the Yankees AAA pitchers and that rotation is one with very good possibilities.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tampa Series

The Yankees won Game 1 in impressive fashion and won Game to in the third-order standings. Unfortunately the real game is first order and having a WHIP on offense of 2 for the game does not guarantee runs. In fact the Yankees were very creative in finding ways to not score including a 6-1-5 fielders choice double play. Eventually the Devil Rays broke through in the tenth with two runs against Rivera. The Yankees loaded the bases in the bottom of the tenth but couldn't score. It was mystifying that Torre went with Williams and not Phillips as a pinch hitter but that's the cost of sentimental signings. Then in game 3 the Yankees got lucky and scored three unearned runs against the Cy Young candidate Mark Hendrickson (0.00 ERA).

Monday, April 24, 2006

Series Preview Yankees vs. Tampa Bay

The Yankees open a three game series against the Devil Rays on Tuesday. This series is one the Yankees have got to win at least 2 of them.

Mussina vs Kazmir
Yankees Winning Probability (This is based on Pythagorean records adjusted to starter. I am using a majority of starter performance based on ZIPS projections right now because of the small sample size). The Yankees have an approximately 69% chance of winning this game. Kazmir has an approach which could play into the Yankees hands. The Yankees are a patient team and Kazmir relies on batters chasing pitches out of the zone. I could definitely see Giambi having a big day against him. This game is probably the one the Yankees will have the most trouble with.
Wang vs McClung
Yankees Winning Probability- 80%. This game is one the Yankees should easily take as they send out the inconsistent Wang against the consistently bad Seth Mcclung. Look for pretty much everyone to have a good game.
Chacon vs. Hendrickson
Yankees Winning Probability- 72%. The Yankees chances are probably better than this as Hendrickson's predictions is brought down by his 1 start where he had a zero ERA. Chacon has been either bad or lucky this year. Against the Orioles for example he gave up only one run in 6 innings but he did it without striking out many and he walked three batters. The other starts he was not good at all. The Yankees will probably hace to score a lot of runs to win this game which looks to be a slugfest.
This series looks like one the Yankees can take and their expected series is a 2.2-.8 series victory. They probably aren't at that high a probability as they are pitching over their heads but
their offense is excellent and the D Rays pitching isn't.

Yankees over .500

The Yankees finished taking 2 of 3 from the Orioles bringing their playoff odds up to 54%. In Game 1 they faced off against Kris Benson with Chen Ming Wang. Wang had walked the bases loaded and had two outs when Melvin Mora hit a ball to Jeter's left. Jeter showing his poor range had to make a weak off-balance throw and Phillips had to jump to get it. The umpire called Mora safe but replays showed that he came down before Mora did. That led to three runs scoring. Then in the ninth inning with the bases loaded and the Yankees down one Matsui had a full count. He took a pitch which appeared to be an inch or two off the outside corner. The umpire called it a strike and the game was over. Then in Game two Shawn Chacon somehow held the Orioles to one run despite giving up 3 walks and striking out only three. The Yankees in Game three went with Randy Johnson to take the series. He pitched surprisingly well despite only hitting around ninety and havng a slider which was flat for the first 4 innings. Giambi provided most of the offense. In the second he hit a homerun and hit another in the third. In the 5 with the bases loaded he hit a line drive hard down the first base line but right at Millar then in the seventh he hit a double which was off the base of the wall. In the third Torre showed why managers should be seen and not heard. First Jeter hit a single then he was picked off as he was running on the pitch. Then Sheffield hit a single and was caught stealing. Then A-Rod reached on an error and Giambi homered. Torre by himself took a grand slam away from Giambi and gave him a two run homer.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Yanks 9 Twins 3

Record 6-6
Pythag Record 114-48
The Yankees salvaged the last game of the series against the Twins. The first two games were
very frustrating as they got dominated by a rookie pitcher who probably shouldn't be starting.

The next game they almost stole a game despite having a terrible starters matchup of Santana vs. Wright. They rallied and were leading 5-4 in the ninth. Mariano Rivera continued on and faced Luis Castillo. After possibly striking out Castillo on check swing he induced a weak groundball. Unfortunately it was placed in exactly the right spot and Castillo beat it out. Next he possibly struck out Mauer on dubious calls before giving up a single which Matsui misplayed into a double when he threw to third. Then he struck out White and Hunter. Then Mourneau came up to bat. Rivera induced a little bloop to second. Cano couldn't reach it and Rivera lost a game where he pitched a great inning. Then the Yankees beat up on Radke and his relievers for 9 runs in a game where Wang had his best game of the season and maybe a game where he starts striking out more batters. He struck out 8 batters and seemed to be throwing better soft stuff.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Yankees 9 Royals 7

Record 3-4
Pythag Record 111-51
Playoff Odds 33%

The Yankees started off the game well with Damon hitting a double, A-Rod walking and Giambi hitting a 3 run homer. It appeared that the Royals couldn't handle the mystique and aura of Yankee stadium. In the third with the Yankees leading 4-1 and with the bases loaded with 2 outs they got into the Royals middle relief. This would ordinarily be a good thing but the Yankees decided to stop hitting such stars as Mike Wood and Elmer Dessens. Meanwhile Wang had given up 3 more runs and when Sturtze came in he showed why he was not a marquee relief pitcher. He gave up 3 runs in 1/3 of an inning and gave way to Mike Myers who got a pickoff and a strikeout. Then in the 8th inning town 7-4 the Yankees came up to bat. Due to their innovative lineup the Royals could bring in their second best reliever who's also a lefty and have the platoon advantage for 3 batters of five with the other two being switch hitters. Fortunately the Yankees scored 2 runs and had runners on first and second with 1 out for Johnny Damon (remember that spelling Jhonny Peralta). Damon struck out but Jeter came through with a three run homer. Then Rivera came in and nailed it down in the ninth. Giambi continued with his walking ways walking three times and bringing his season total up to ten.