Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Wild World of Joe Torre's mind.
Let's take a ride in the world that is Joe Torre's brain. Instantly one sees three sections. Loyalty, Experience is greater than value and A bad LOOGY is tough on righties. First loyalty, today the fact that Bernie Williams was in center is ridiculous. He should never be in the field unless he learns to play a corner outfield spot. 2. Experience is greater than value. First of all Joe Torre is bumping Aaron Small with 4 of 4 good starts who can go 7 innings for Al Leiter who couldn't go 6 innings if he was throwing a perfect game which he hasn't and has 2 of 5 good starts. 3. Is shown from his handling of Embree yesterday. I will say that we should have swept this series given that in a tie game Blum isn't playing on the line. Also why not pinch-field for Williams with Crosby odds are the game won't get to Williams place in the order and the downside is almost none. Either that or Joe could pull a more complex move which would allow him to use Crosby as a pinch runner. Here is how it works switch Womack to Center and Sheffield to right the loss of a DH is almost zero since you're pulling Womack for a pinch hitter anyway so you hit Tino for him and then pinch-run Crosby for Tino. Then if you reach the pitchers spot pinch-hit Escalona and you run into no problems until at least the 14th which probably won't happen.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger Jaret Wright $$$$$$$$$$ said...

MIke Harris, what about the Jaret Wright experience. How much money are they actually paying that guy? somewhere between 30 to 36 million. the only thing he has done so far was be on the Dl.

This move may not have been George Steinbrenner and Cashmans best move last off season, signing Jaret Wright.Wait, what about the other starting pitchers signrd last offdeason. THROWING 60 MILLION away on a guy like Carl pavano, who only had one good year in Florida, that was stupid but not the worst move The expensive pinstripes made.

We all can say Randy Johnson had a spactacular Career, great stats and WAS a true leader. But shelling away tons of money,prize prospects and Javier vazquez for a legitamite nuber 3 starter is unheard of.(yes Johnson had a decent season last year, he got older and moved to AL which is much tougher what can you expect?). Just to mention one of the prospects was brad halsey, and he is having a moster second half.

At 11:13 AM, Blogger Mike said...

I agree with you about Jaret wright and Pavano. Randy Johnson on the other hand was not seeable as a bad move Vaquez hasd mechanics problems which Mel couldn't fix adn Halsey was a prospect who we couldn't know would turn out this well. Also remember these two things Vasquez and Halsey are playing in the NL and in the worst division in baseball. The real mistake was the trade for Vasquez we gave up Nick Johnson who could make this lineup unstoppable. BAsically if put in the 2 hole he would add a .450 OBP in front of A-Rod, Sheff, Matsui, and Giambi and if hitting 7th would give Giambi much needed protection. In fact Giambi leading off an innings would not be that big a problem.


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