Sunday, October 09, 2005

One simple question? Thoughts on the DS
Why is it that announcers cannot accept an event as meaning something in of itself. An extreme example of this was used last night. With the Cardinals up 7-0 the Padres scored 2 runs. The announcers said this is just what they need a couple of runs to get their fans back in it. Not that the runs were important or anything. Ozzie Guillen also had one of the worse decisions he could have made turn up golden. With the bases loaded and nobody out he brought in El Duque. The criterion for a pitcher there are 1. Low walks 2. High Strikeouts 3. Not a lot of homeruns 4. Groundball pitcher 15. Veteran Leadership . His translated stats are 6.1 K's/9, 3.6 BB's/9 and 1.2 HR's/9. Bobby Jenks has 11.1 K's/9 3.4 BB's/9 and .6 HR's/9. Oh yeah he's the closer.


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