Friday, October 14, 2005

The Yankees in the year and in the playoffs demonstrated their chief needs. 1. Center Field 2. Relief Pitching 3. A Starter. Options for Center Field are clear. We could sign Brian Giles and trade Sheffield for Cameron. Sign Preston Wilson (he'll probably be overpayed.) Or we could sign Jaque Jones. We could save money by leaving Bubba Crosby in there. He has little offense but he would be a huge upgrade on Williams defensively. Relief Pitching can be solved by signing B.J. Ryan who is 29 with no arm problems also we should resign Gordon for 1-2 years (2nd year option) For starter there are two options A. Milwood or B. Burnett both these pitchers have a good history of K/BB rates. You wonder how much would these moves raise the Yankees payroll the answer is zero. The reason is that Bernie Williams (15 mil), Kevin Brown (15 mil) and Karsay (6 mil) are coming off the payroll. The team also needs a backup catcher, DH and backup 1st baseman (Giambi can't play defense.) Mike Piazza might be a useful backup and an option for DH. The option for DH is Nomar Garciappara who would be cheap and could be a backup infielder. An option for defense at first is Doug Mankievitch.


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