Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Riots in Paris
The riots in Paris are not only worrying in the fact that it could happen to all of Europe but it also illustrates the classic flaw in immigration policies. The major problem is that France was too (classic) liberal to close the borders to immigrants on such a large scale. However their welfare system meant that their was a large incentive for immigrants to come from Arab countries and not work. Frequently a country can survive mistakes if they are made uniformly. Take the S&L scandals in the 80's you combined a good idea (bank deregulation) with the politically expedient (insurance of bank deposits). If you remove either one the events don't happen. Or take Vietnam either we could have never gone in or we could have gone in strong. However we went with a middle path which meamt that we caved in to the antu-war movement in America. So France now has a large underclass of immigrants who are largely angry that due to France's employment protection they have no jobs. America doesn't have that problem because most of its immigration is illegal which is controlled by the market. Also America's welfare system is not close to what an illegal will make. Therefore illegals are largely people who want to be here and like the U.S. So then in France you take this mix largely caused by humanist socialism and add in the religious fervor. This is a mix which can explode at any time.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

I thought France let them in because they needed somebody to actually do work. Of course, now none of the young people are working, because they figured out they didn't have to. But, the time lag before people figure out work is pointless is valuable, without immigrants their whole system might have crashed even earlier.


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