Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Why is liberal Europe so anti free speech.
Europe which is frequently held up as a model of progressiveness and tolerance. However with regards to free speech they don't seem to think of it as important. For example a historian was put in jail for publicly denying the Holocaust. Although I don't really care about Holocaust deniers going to jail I do care about the government saying that merely expressing a view is grounds for jailing. I wouldn't like it if denying global warming was a jailable offense. Or what about denying the effectiveness of farm subsidies. The EU sees no problem with these laws and plans to make racial incitement a crime across Europe. This is an offense which possibly could criminalize supporting Levitt's research on the relationship between abortion and the crime rate. I think a large part of it is the lack of a state church. In general a religion believes that it is the correct one. So in a free market of religion the more information exchanged the better since it will lead people to them. Therefore in America freedom of information and of speech was encouraged. However Europe had state churches. With those you want as little information spread because it could lower your share of the market even if you are superior. Europe had very little time where one religion didn't dominate the country. Eventually it caught up with them because the lack of information which leads to efficient religions led Europe to atheism.


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