Thursday, December 15, 2005

Elections in Iraq have been going on sucessfully. This seems to disprove the extremely racist arguement that Arabs aren't sophisticated enough for democracy (on the other hand their voting rate is down 20% and nobody will ever be as popular as Saddam). The arguement against going into is very interesting. If we should spend roughly 50 billion dollars (inflation adjusted) to save 1000 lives in New Orleans why shouldn't we spend 400 billion and 2,000 lives to save 10s of thousands of lives a year (due to a lack of Saddam, sanctions and increased prosperity). Also we now have a country which is not a supporter of terror and instead is a large drain on terrorist resources. Terrorists have commited themselves to fighting in Iraq and can no longer back out. Iraq is one of the least effective places where they spend their terrorist dollars and lives. They have a terrible kill-ratio and must use their dollars attacking fellow Arabs something which never drums out support. The terrorists lack an exit strategy from Iraq unless we provide them with victory by giving them the country. In addition terrorists are losing access to the second most oil-rich nation and the large support Saddam Hussein gave them. (Yes Saddam Hussein did support terror unless you believe blowing up Jewish civilians isn't terror.) Only if we abandon Iraq again will we lose the benefits of a major ally in the region.


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