Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Intelligent Design
A court in Pennsylvania has ruled that intelligent design is an establishment of religion and therefore it is unconstitutional to teach it as a science course. I would like to explain my opposition to this decision. Intelligent design has become a major debate with both sides unwilling to differentiate between two issues. One issue is its constitutionality the other is its advisability. The fact is that intelligent design as science is garbage. It extrapolates to nothing and is pointless to teach in science class because it is a dead end. It encourages science to give up quickly and say, "We can't understand how this works so therefore it must be beyond human comprehension." Therefore there is no reason to teach it not as science and not as religion. Intelligent design is almost a non-denominational form of creationism. It is saying Some Intelligence (insert name here) created all life. Because it is not an establishment of any religion it is constitutional. The real question for the court was is it science or is it religion. If it is religion it is possibly unconstitutional, but if it is science it is definitely allowed. The fact is that intelligent design is definitely science it asks a question of how something happens and explains the given facts. It isn't incredibly good science in my opinion which is why I would not vote to teach it if I was on a school board. However a court rather than scientists deciding what science is good enough is pointless. This is because a court is not as scientifically knowledgeable. If a court had decided what was science we would be much poorer and stuck to the first written opinion on the cause of something. Darwin would be banned and we would be studying Lemark's theory of inheritance which has nothing to do with genetics and basically says if Arnold Schwarzeneggar has children they will have huge muscles because Arnold lifted weights. The Big Bang theory would be removed and Einstein would be unconstitutional because he challenged the science of Newton which everyone knows is true. Therefore intelligent design is science possibly the correct science but in my opinion is bad science and should not be taught.


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