Monday, December 26, 2005

A Simple Way to Solve the Abortion Issue
Richard Posner once suggested a system for adoption of baby selling. This attracted huge amounts of criticism from both the left and right. The criticisms seem to be in two forms. One is that it is wrong to sell humans (but giving them away is fine.) The other seems to be that it would mean that only rich families could afford adoptions. It seems that 40% of Americans are interested in adoption but are worried about the costs. This cost comes in time and money however if you could buy babies straight from the parents large amounts of costs would be avoided. For instance anyone with no criminal record would be able to bid for the rights to adopt the child. Depending on the supply available it might be how much the mother must pay to give up the child. This would have the effect of reducing abortions due to the fact that abortion has large emotional costs and small financial costs. Also anti-abortion groups would probably be willing to subsidize bids for children who are still going to be aborted. This system works well with or without legal abortion. Legalized abortion would raise the mother's asking price. This benefits the mother because she now has extra money and has avoided the emotional turmoil of
money. This significantly benefits the child too because they aren't killed and would be adopted by families higher up on the socio-economic ladder than they are. The criticism based on the fact that you can't sell humans is ridiculous. Why is it any better to give away humans than selling them?


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

It wouldn't make a difference.
In a free market, the price of babies would probably fall to the production cost, because only 1% of women need to be willing to get pregnant and sell their babies to satisfy demand (Assuming they sell 5-10 babies a piece). Adoptive parents are already allowed to pay birth mothers for production costs, but most prefer abortions because it's simpler.
Allowing baby-selling would be a good thing, a few women would get easy jobs and infertile couples would get babies cheaper. But, it wouldn't have any effect on abortions.


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