Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Giambi hit another runs last night. That brings him right up to around a 1 OPS. I had a debate with classmates over Giambi verse Ortiz. BP lists the numbers as Ortiz with 130 EQR and 595 AB and Giambi having 100 EQR and 395 AB. There WARP3 had Ortiz up two wins or a win every 100 AB. This leads me to believe that Giambi is having the better if not more valuable year.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Mystique Aura and the markets.
The Yankees have according to BP's projections a 48% chance of making the playoffs. As all the teams are around equal this means they have a 6% chance of winning the World Series however for some reason they are selling at 11.7% chace of winning right now. This makes me wonder why is this market so inefficient ande why is the inefficiency not being exploited. The probable reason is that people who don't agree with the odds feel that others do agree thus keeping prices up.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Michael Savage has an effect on me that few pundits do. When he says something I quickly reevaluate my opinion of the matter. A case in point is Pat Robertson's remark. I found the remarks rather innocuous if stupid. I feel that there is nothing wrong with assassinating an evil tyrant. However when Mr. Savage started praising the remarks my mind was wavering. I still feel the same way but I felt; if Michael Savage agrees with me I must be wrong.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sheehan and other maniacs.
Cindy Sheehan continues with her wild publicity stunt. I expect a book in the next year with a title like No blood for oil and other Mossad-Neo con stunts. Its amazing how much anti-semitism can get through if disguised as anti- Zionism and anti-Neoconservatism. I personally find that Cindy is a distraught mother who clearly has lost some measure of mental health. The fact is that when someone's world is collapsing all around them if they can still hold a burning anger against someone to the exclusion of all else you have mental issues. One interesting quote is that when asked about the mothers of dead soldiers against her Cindy said that she speaks for thousands of them. You guessed there are less than 2,000 moms of dead soldiers.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Best Wildcard Race since.....In the Al and Nl there are very good Wild Card races. The AL has the Yankees, A's and Indians all tied for first in the wild card with Minnesota 2.5 out. In the Nl Philadelphia is 1/2 game up on Florida and Houston and 1.5 up on Washington and the Mets 3 out. Unfortunately the NL West winner needs a spot in the playoffs despite the fact that they're not going to break .500

Friday, August 19, 2005

A newly discovered cave shows archives of news in the 18th century. Here is one story which was released.
John Adams is a stealth candidate
You may have heard how John Adams is a patriot but don't believe it. These newly found documents reveal he is a conspirer with the British. People have pointed out that it looks like the documents were made on Microsoft Word to look like handwriting but the Central Boston Squire is standing by the story. Also John Adams did work for British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. Furthermore he is one of the founding members of the Federalist Society which is a radical group involved in creating a Constitution with a literal intent. Some of the less reputable members of the media have been saying the British are coming (Tom Paine and Paul Revere.) However a highly reliable unnamed source in the British government denies these rumors. This is the trusted source for news. The Massachusetts Squire Media

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I had a conversation with my sister continuing the discussion on Arafat. She was of the position that his corruption was bad since it took away from the Palestinian's welfare. My feeling is that the best is no corruption and no government sanctioned terrorism. The next best is no government sanctioned terrorism but corruption followed by corruption and terrorism. The worst is no corrruption and terrorism. However the last thing almost never happens since those who rise to the top in terrorist organizations are generally not idealists. The exception is Osama bin Laden who is independently wealthy. This is why he is so dangerous.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The worst pitcher in the league
It's the second inning and Al Leiter is already disappointing. He's given up A run on a single after a walk, passed ball, groudout and hit batter

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Yankees beat Tampa Bay. Jaret Wright was solid through 6.1 innings and the bullpen gave up no runs although Mariano Rivera almost gave up a couple. Even better Boston lost and the Yankees are only 3.5 back. Unfortunately the Yankees have their second worst pitcher going tomorrow. (Randy Johnson whodathunkit.)

Why talk radio has researchers.
Michael Savage who often boasts that he doesn't have people write scripts for him showed that fact-checking is a good thing. He spent the first hour attacking Sharon for starting the disengagement on Tisha Bav. Suprisingly no caller was there to correct him and tell him it took place on the day afterwards and the reason it was then was to avoid it taking place during the 3 weeks.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Disengagement and the clever ploy. Sharon had a hard decision as to what day to start the disengagement. During the Three Weeks would be a terrible P.R. move but he wanted to move quickly. He may have picked the best day. The fact is a hunger strike would be devestating to the P.R. of the move. But since it is Motzaei Tisha Bav even the strongest opponents aren't going to be fasting.

A good start
The Yankees swept the Rangers and managed to rest their bull pen on the last day. If they want to suceed they must beat Tampa Bay. They are 3-10 against them and that is the reason they aren't in first.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

This stretch of seven games is huge the Yankees must win 5 and maybe 6 of these games. This means beating the Rangers three of four and sweeping the D-Rays. Our offense should do well against Texas and we have the good part of the lineup against the D-Rays (Chacon, Small, and Leiter.)

Krugman, The South and Automobiles.
In a column Krugman said that since Toyota built a plant in Ontario health-care works and Alabama needs to fund education better. He said that in Alabama they had to show diagrams of car-making since employees couldn't read. This is strange since every assembly kit has instructions in pictures since it is easier to understand. In news yesterday plants are moving from Detroit, the most liberal city, to Georgia. I'm sure the stopries are unrelated. Yeah. Right.

Democrats For the Little Guy?
A group of leftys have called for a boycott of Walmart since they don't pay their employees enough and don't have them unionize. Considering that the benefits to the "little guy" from Wal-Mart are huge i.e. low prices, available locally and an employer for those who can't find other jobs there are a couple possibilities. 1. These people are not aware, or don't care that you can't have high paying low level jobs and low prices and stay in buisness. 2. These people don't actually care about the people and really only care about a political cause (unions, mom and pop stores.) 3. They simply hate Wal-Mart and don't want to solve problems they only want to harm Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Wild World of Joe Torre's mind.
Let's take a ride in the world that is Joe Torre's brain. Instantly one sees three sections. Loyalty, Experience is greater than value and A bad LOOGY is tough on righties. First loyalty, today the fact that Bernie Williams was in center is ridiculous. He should never be in the field unless he learns to play a corner outfield spot. 2. Experience is greater than value. First of all Joe Torre is bumping Aaron Small with 4 of 4 good starts who can go 7 innings for Al Leiter who couldn't go 6 innings if he was throwing a perfect game which he hasn't and has 2 of 5 good starts. 3. Is shown from his handling of Embree yesterday. I will say that we should have swept this series given that in a tie game Blum isn't playing on the line. Also why not pinch-field for Williams with Crosby odds are the game won't get to Williams place in the order and the downside is almost none. Either that or Joe could pull a more complex move which would allow him to use Crosby as a pinch runner. Here is how it works switch Womack to Center and Sheffield to right the loss of a DH is almost zero since you're pulling Womack for a pinch hitter anyway so you hit Tino for him and then pinch-run Crosby for Tino. Then if you reach the pitchers spot pinch-hit Escalona and you run into no problems until at least the 14th which probably won't happen.

I got NARAL I got Schumer (against me) who can ask for anything more.
In the fight against Judge Roberts Naral has run an ad attacking him for saying bombing an abortion clinic wasn't covered by federal law and was subject to state law. Of course they characterize it as defending a clinic bomber. The court agreed with his arguement and I can see why. Abortion Doctors are not Federal Employees or a group covered under the Fourteenth Amendment which is how a law against the Ku Klux Klan is constitutional. (A section of the amendment says congress can enforce the amendment with appropiate legislation.) It is not interstate commerce except from a strictly economics viewpoint. (The cost of going goes up with the danger to life sending people to otherstates clinics.) Unfortunately CNN that Grand Ole Network has run the ad even though NARAL admits they misrepresented Roberts

Proof Rodents are Smarter than Joe Torre
Scientists have shown that animals react to punishments by stopping the behavior causing the punishment but not Joe. Case In Point#1 Wayne Franklin comes in in the 10th instead of Mo Rivera in a tie game and gives up a game ending home-run to someone batting righty (Franklin is a LOOGY). In Texas up one runner on 1st Franklin comes in and gives up a two-run homer. In Chicago down 1-0 He leaves in Embree a pitcher so bad he was cut by the Red Sox to face the White Sox power hitting righty. He gives up a home-run and A-Rod's solo homer in the ninth ends up being worthless.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why and What I'm Blogging.
The reason for this in the short-term is Joe Torre's mismanagement. However I always figured I wanted to post things beyond the family blog template. This blog will discuss what I like. Yankees baseball, the books I read and Republican politics. I will vent after Yankees losses due to Torre.