Friday, September 30, 2005

Why the attacks on Bill Bennett?
Bill Bennett a radio host and former secretary of education recieved a call in which argued for abortions due to Levitt's thesis. This thesis is that the reason for the crime decline in the nintys was that poor blacks were not having as many children which lowered the numbers of those most likely to commit crimes. Bill Bennett responded that if you aborted all blacks the crime rate would go down but that would still be a monstrous evil. The Democrats heard the trifecta of a conservative who said blacks were more likely to commit crimes and could be taken out of context to say kill all blacks. This was an opportunity which could not be missed. Of course the White House called the comments inappropriate because it's the path of least resistance. Couldn't the White House show some backbone just once.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What Went Wrong?
People have been blaming everyone for Hurricane Katrina. My general feeling is that it was handled pretty well (the one exception is the buses.) Consider the following. Only 650 people died. Of those people most had the chance to get out and didn't. The Superdome held up well and only one person died there (a suicide.) Also the levees had been built sufficiently for a category 3. The levees would have cost $2 billion dollars to upgrade to protect from level 5 and as this is a once in 150 years hurricane it wouldn't be cost-effective. There does seem to be a lot of exaggeration about this. For example one WaPost Online article attacked Bush for his slow reaction to "the worst disaster of the century." Didn't we have a tsunami a year ago. Basically the hurricane took very few lives of people who couldn't evacuate.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First Place.
The Yankees are now in First place in the East with the Red Sox loss. The White Sox look like they'll fall to 3 up in the Wild Card and 2 1/2 in the division.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I am sick and tired of players playing the day after their parents die. Recently Brett Favre played through his father's death. This is not something I like. For one thing the media assumes that the parents really wanted children who would care more about the game than mourning over their parents. Even so you can say Favre dad was his coach so he might have wanted it. But Roger Clemens mother died. She had no relationship to his career. Roger Clemens said he would retire specifically to spend time with the family. Now he can't wait a single day to overcome his grief. It is not a tribute it is callousness.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A Rant Song
As some day it may happen that a fool must be found,
I've got a little list, I've got a little list
Of political idiots who might well be underground
and who never would be missed, who never would be missed
There's the person who proclaims in a pompous nasal tone
I'm really quite mainstream and so no party is my own.
Then the populist who speaks with an eye to the polls
And when the public swings his opinion quickly rolls
And all third parties who in spoiling elections insist
they'd none of them be missed they'd none of them be missed
He got them on his list, He's got them on his list
and they'd none of them be missed they'd none of them be missed
There's the sixties protest singer and the others of his kind
And the latest hip rappist-I've got him on my list
Those who only demagogue and are the blind who lead the blind
They'd none of them be missed, They'd none of them be missed
Then the idiot who lives in a diverse cultural zone
Has respect for all nations and all cultures but his own.
And the lawyer from the city who then joins the ACLU
Who fights for the Democrats but not for Republican you
And that singular anomaly the animal activist
They'd none of them be missed they'd none of them be missed
He's got them on his list He's got them on his list
and they'd none of them be missed they'd none of them be missed
And that idiotic nuisance who right now he can be found
The conspiracy theorist I've got him on the list
Those who insist blindly the economy's in the dumps,
They'd none of them be missed they'd none of them be missed
Who say oil is running out so we'll hit ten dollars at pumps
Such as--What d'ye call him--Thing'em-bob, and likewise--Never-mind,
And 'St--'st--'st--and What's-his-name, and also You-know-who--
The task of filling up the blanks I'd rather leave to you.
But it really doesn't matter whom you put upon the list,
For they'd none of 'em be missed--they'd none of 'em be missed!
You may put 'em on the list--you may put 'em on the list;
And they'll none of 'em be missed--they'll none of 'em be missed!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I had an arguement over who had the better overall infield the A's or Texas.
The A's have Chavez, 23 runs above average this year, Crosby 20 runs above average, Ellis 20 above average and Johnson 9 above average. This is a total 72 runs above average.
Texas has Teixera, 47 runs above average, Soriano 5 runs below average, Young 10 runs above average, and Blalock 6 above average. This is a total 58 runs above average.