Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another parody
In enterprise of legal kind with con-law exciting
She sent one of her deputies on to do the legal fighting
But when to run the lotto Bush came her place was with the buyers
That uncorrected, unaffected, well-connected lawyer girl with the name of Harriet Myers
In gambling the legal way Ha Ha there she did stay Ha, Ha
That uncorrected, unaffected, well-connected lawyer with the name of Harriet Myers
When Bush beat Gore in 2000 that is what the court said
Of his lawyer personnel he made Myers the head
She worked for him on GWOT and other legal fires
that educated, somewhat dated, High Court fated, Counsel girl with the name of Harriet Myers
Good advice she gave Ha Ha like on Abu Ghraib Ha Ha
that educated, somewhat dated, High Court fated, Counsel girl with the name of Harriet Myers
When Rehnquist hit the dust to appoint her he proceeded
For his wife said to him straight out a women is needed
So he went and nominated her called her opponents liars
That Bush crony, knowledge phony, one and only "scholar" girl with the name of Harriet Myers
She had to withdraw Ha Ha She didn't know Con law Ha Ha
That Bush crony, knowledge phony, one and only "scholar" girl with the name of Harriet Myers

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Banality of Welfare
Israel passed a hot lunch law and the Supreme Court said it couldn't go to the hareidi schools which don't meet the governments educational requirements. Reaction against this came strongly from the Left (and Right). The rhetoric was that the Supreme Court had said that children must go hungry if they are religious. Suddenly a law which was not there for all of Israel's history is required to feed the children. Also interesting is that the controversial law in the U.S. is that if the legislature gives money to religious school is it allowed. In Israel the separation of religion is one step less although it is in general probably more left than the U.S. is in this matter more right-wing.

Game 2
Wow Podsednik one of 2 or 3 regulars with no regular season homers hits a game winner. This is after a sub-par throw lets the Astros tie it in the ninth. Brad Lidge is either in on the fix or something to give up a HR to Podsie. Fox did have one funny thing in their broadcast. They were talking about Tim Raines and said he was indestructible thats why he was called "Rock" Raines. Lets put it this way the reason for that was the reason for his headfirst slides.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fox's 5th Column for Cuba
Fox's broadcast was discussing viewers in Cuba watching Contreras. Then they went down to their on the field reporter who talked about Contreras's brother. He said, on national Tv, that he was going to secretly go to a shack of a friend to watch the game. A smarter mind would have questioned the wisdom of telling someone's plans to break a facist law.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is an ansible in the works.
In the book Ender's Game Oeson Scott Card predicted the blogosphere at a time when few considered the internet like that. In his later books to make the plot work he needed FTL travel of information. The way he had it done was by splitting a philote and transporting the halves then a move on one would instantly cause the same movement on the other. This is clearly against physics, right, nothing can travel faster than light. Enter quantom in recent experiments photons were split. They were then placed far away so there could be no communication between them. At the time both photons had undetermined spins. In fact they could have been spinning in all the different directions and according to superposition were going in all possible directions. Then one photon half was measured instantly the other half recorded the same spin. Somehow the photons communicated instantly. The useful thing is that it theoretically works under any distance constraint including several light years.

Myers on the court a good idea?
I am far behind on the Myers story frankly because it isn't that fascinating ( and I'm lazy.) For some reason Bush decided that his legacy would be a possibly conservative Justice with no judging experience or real Constitutional understanding. I have little doubt Myers is smart. To get to head of the Texas Bar as a pro-life woman you have to be smart. However because she has no dominant philosophy she is likely to make decisions based on her sense of right and wrong. This was precisely the problem with O'Connor. She was slighty conservative as a judge but she could easily fit her opinions to elite opinion because she had no dominant philosophy to bemd it around.

Friday, October 14, 2005

A great Dilbert comic

The Yankees in the year and in the playoffs demonstrated their chief needs. 1. Center Field 2. Relief Pitching 3. A Starter. Options for Center Field are clear. We could sign Brian Giles and trade Sheffield for Cameron. Sign Preston Wilson (he'll probably be overpayed.) Or we could sign Jaque Jones. We could save money by leaving Bubba Crosby in there. He has little offense but he would be a huge upgrade on Williams defensively. Relief Pitching can be solved by signing B.J. Ryan who is 29 with no arm problems also we should resign Gordon for 1-2 years (2nd year option) For starter there are two options A. Milwood or B. Burnett both these pitchers have a good history of K/BB rates. You wonder how much would these moves raise the Yankees payroll the answer is zero. The reason is that Bernie Williams (15 mil), Kevin Brown (15 mil) and Karsay (6 mil) are coming off the payroll. The team also needs a backup catcher, DH and backup 1st baseman (Giambi can't play defense.) Mike Piazza might be a useful backup and an option for DH. The option for DH is Nomar Garciappara who would be cheap and could be a backup infielder. An option for defense at first is Doug Mankievitch.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

One simple question? Thoughts on the DS
Why is it that announcers cannot accept an event as meaning something in of itself. An extreme example of this was used last night. With the Cardinals up 7-0 the Padres scored 2 runs. The announcers said this is just what they need a couple of runs to get their fans back in it. Not that the runs were important or anything. Ozzie Guillen also had one of the worse decisions he could have made turn up golden. With the bases loaded and nobody out he brought in El Duque. The criterion for a pitcher there are 1. Low walks 2. High Strikeouts 3. Not a lot of homeruns 4. Groundball pitcher 15. Veteran Leadership . His translated stats are 6.1 K's/9, 3.6 BB's/9 and 1.2 HR's/9. Bobby Jenks has 11.1 K's/9 3.4 BB's/9 and .6 HR's/9. Oh yeah he's the closer.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Why the anger over liberals under the bed?
Blogger Andrew Sullivan is angry about the book "Help Mommy There Are Liberals Under My Bed." He makes the excellent point that we shouldn't politicize (sp?) our children. However this book is at least up front about it. Dr. Suess's Lorax and Bitter Butter Battle are both two very political kid's books and less up front.