Thursday, January 05, 2006

Arming Africa

It seems that the best way to prevent genocide is to arm the citizenry however the humanitarians have been brought up to believe that private gun ownership is evil. This is perhaps their cause which will cost the most lives. The reason this interests me is because of a conversation I had on Thanksgiving about what technology brought back from today would mean the most rapid technological advancement of the world. I would say the technology which would make the most difference is probably navigating equipment and the technology backround. However the one which might make the most difference is a bow which would be distributed to the serfs which could penetrate armor. For example a cheap crossbow which could be distributed would allow the people to stop the army from taking their crops and would probably make the most difference in limiting government power as they couldn't just oppress large numbers of serfs with no personal consequences. This is the reason for the Second Amendment. It is the ultimate check on government. An armed citizenry cannot be ignored and oppressed without serious consequences. Nothing can stop an unreasonable search and seizure by the government or the quartering of troops in your house better than a pistol. Again militias were private groups. The Second Amendment is the true base for all our freedoms we have today.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

What I think is missing from most discussions of government power is whether certain governments have earned our trust. I completely agree that in general, government is a murderous force. But, most of the right-wing or left-wing nuts should be willing to concede that the US government hasn't launched genocides in the last few centuries (Except against the Indians, and that wasn't a failure of government, just a government carrying out the wishes of an evil population). So, maybe we should give the US government a little bit more slack than Zimbabwe gets, rather than vice versa.

At 8:13 PM, Blogger Mike said...

I agree completely but the point of the Second Amendment is to prevent a government which no longer deserves trust can't remove the weapons which are threats. In fact odds are it won't be needed but if it is needed that right will be the first to go.


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