Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grossman Under Snap

It looked extremely rocky for the bear front team that day
the score was 7 zip and it was only the second play,
and so when Peanut let Smith by and for six he did blaze
there was a morbid edge to the fan's alchoholic haze.

A straggling few gave up on the Bears for the day
The rest clung to the hope that "Winner" Orton wouldn't play.
If only "mighty" Grossman could but complete one of two
I might put money on them if even that he could do.

But the Bears then went three-and-out and then did so again
It seemed their only chance was for Vasher to jump the passing lane
So the Bear fandom sat through the punting drive after drive
For there seemed but little chance of the dead offense coming alive

But Rex took them deep to score six at the end of the half
To start the third they got six more and the fans started to laugh
They were down but two and they knew what would soon occur
Their defense would hold strong and young Rex Grossman would endure

Then from the fans there did rise a fearsome cry of battle
For they knew that they would win they were going to Seattle
The game was surely over the fat lady had just to sing
For Chitown mighty Chitown was the clear defensive king

There was ease in the hard count as Grossman marched them down once more
But what was this? The Panthers took the ball and proceeded to score
And when responding to the score young Grossman brought them back
Drama in this famous second city was not any lack

Fans eyes were on Smith when he ran the reverse for twenty
Agonized Bears watched as he scored beating Thompson plenty
And after the touchdown the fans hearts were suddenly flipped
When the kick hit the uprights because mighty Kasay slipped

The Bears were down eight just an easy, quick score and a two
With mighty Rex in the backfield a simple thing to do
They drove the ball quickly to the thirty-seven yard line
Rex looked to Gage too long, to Ken Lucas it was a sign

From the bleachers black with Bears fans there came a muffled roar
like the beatings of a storm wave on a stern and distant shore
"Bench him, bring in 'winner' Orton." Shouted someone in the stands
And its likely they'd have done it had not Lovey raised his hand.

First down brought the Panthers nine yards the Bears did need a stop
A loss and a gain of four and they punt, one chance to top
Rex gets the ball with only one minute left in the game
A Rex incomplete pass the receiver deserves the blame

A strike outside to Muhammed it is now first and ten
This is time in football which separates the boys from men
A sneak, an incomplete, a pass and then its fourth and one
a chance to continue or perhaps the game is done.

Grossman heads up the line hears the cheers from the nervous fans
everyone is looking closely from tots to the eldest grans.
He has Moose Muhammed on an out looks over with fear
the moment stops as the high pass comes over him but near

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light
and, somewhere men are laughing and little children shout,
But there is no joy in Chitown
for Chicago is now out.


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