Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State of The Union Address

Ths address is one I would rate a B-. The first 25 minutes were pap except for the admirable defense of supporting democracy. The speech said nothing of value for a while and was just Rah-Rah rambling. Then he entered his domestic policy phase. He started off strong by rejecting tariffs and supporting permanent tax cuts and supporting immigration. Then he started off on plain dumb ideas. One is increased government funding for alternate energy sources. This is the idea whichwon't be stopped by the reality against it. Also he made the misleading statement saying that they cut non-security disgressionary spending that is true but partly because so much of that stuff is shoved into nondisgressionary spending. Also the most revealing time in the speech was when the Democrats started applauding the line where Bush said my plan to save Social Security was stopped. If there ever was a party with no agenda it is the Democrats today. For the second year in a row the Democrat response had a message which was something like, " We love Jesus now listen to us on the other issues." There was the usual support for raising spending and cutting the budget by raising taxes. Of course its easy to balance a budget with no military but that is secondary to the governors. Also he endorsed the illegality of drug importation from Canada. The last strange thing is that medical care for the non-poor elderly has become a moral obligation. The old who aren't eligible for Medicaid are richer than average. Why should the government support them?


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