Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Arabs and Ports

The port deal should make everyone uneasy. The question is, is that uneasiness worth the cost of relations to UAE and the damage to our support of free trade. First of all the Arab country will not have control of security and almost certainly will not be hiring Arab employees to run the ports. This company is large, multinational, and has had no ties to terrorism. Therefore the debate boils down to can we switch to a global economy but leave one ethnic group completely out of it. Taking away this contract would alienate an important ally and lead to more terrorism. In fact this idea taken to the limits of what is supported would make the Arab countries completely isolated except for oil. This leads to huge income gaps and large unemployment rates. This isolation would lead to greater hate of the U.S. as we were (somewhat correctly) considered the cause for this misery. Of course the opponents are a combination of terrorism hardliners who object to the Arab part of the deal and the group which knocked ou the Conoco sale which objected to the foriegn ownership of the resources based on their debunked economic theories.


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