Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bad Fantasy

Reading a fantasy book due to boredom I came across the bad writing cliche that annoys me maybe most. The scene the hero has been attacked it is close quarters and he throws his attacker up against the wall. How would he fall? You can think of many good descriptions such as with several bones breaking or he fell and was still for a long time. However invariably the bad writer will describe it as falling in a boneless heap and think he/she is being clever doing so. It gets annoying after the fifth book you read describing a villian falling that way. Speaking of he/she annoyances you have the matter of their militaries. Invariably some high position will be held by a female who will be second in competence to only the hero/heroine. Fact women will always be worse sword fighters than men because they lack the muscle. The gun is the only reason women can function as effective fighters. Besides those two things the book was so-so.


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