Friday, February 24, 2006

Dvar Torah Again

This weeks Parshah and Haftorah place an emphasis on the limits of slavery. From only a 6 year duration for Jewish slaves to the penalties for mistreating a non-Jewish slave one of the major emphasises is the limits of your rights to people as property. This surfaced in the 19th century when it was people who were devoutly religious who led the abolition movement. In fact science before the public opinion changed had no real problem with it. This is because science has the major limitation of being worthless in regard to moral questions. Darwin's evolution was used to support eugenics and in fact it did support it but that didn't make it right. Science concerns itself with what is and therefore when used to make moral judgements assume that that is what should be. Religion can make the moral judgements because they have the overriding philosophy that allows them to make judgements about what should be.


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