Thursday, March 30, 2006

Illegal Immigration

In this post I'll examine McCain-Kennedy circulating right now. First there are a few ground facts about my thinking on illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is not a national security issue, a terrorist will not take the risk of being stopped at the border. Instead he'll cross from Canada or get a student visa (this has the plus of being available even to former current terrorists who get a good education so that they have a future even if that terrorism thing doesn't work out). Illegal immigration is an economic issue and the misunderstanding of free trade leads to significant opposition. This is why McCain-Kennedy is relatively pointless. The guest worker program is a good idea, although it seems relatively pointless as is it is already in effect and operating much more efficiently than the bill's system would. Also the $2000 fee is useless to catch criminals and only a pointless hardship on those who are doing nothing wrong. Citizenship possibilities are a good idea and the relative ease of deportation among those who apply would allow us to control our citizenship. However, there are only two ways to stop illegal immigration, take away the carrot or add the stick. Adding the stick is very hard since conditions in Mexico are much worse than in America and deportations leaves the deportee no worse off than before. However adding a carrot to legal immigration is simple. One, streamline citizenship for legal immigrants and, two, remove immigration quotas. This can be done at a profit to the country and the U.S. is not runnig out of land any time soon. Furthermore, the humanitarian benefits to this are tremendous. Not only are more people able to make it to the U.S., but they don't need to get here by traveling with abusive criminals. One problem which I haven't addressed but is solved is that of criminals bringing drugs over the border. The major problem is that border agents are overrun. If only criminals try to cross the border a far higher percentage will be caught and jailed or extradited to Mexico.


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