Saturday, March 18, 2006

Megillah Thoughts

Having been tagged by Tobie I will belatedly relate my thoughts on the Megillah. The first thing I noticed was how sometimes a Midrash explanation will be widely accepted even when it makes absolutely no sense. For example most schools it is considered as fact by many of the people in various Yeshivas that Esther married Mordechai but it is going against p’shat and the Megillah’s words to sy that (it says the king sought out young virgins). Another thing which occurred to me is how little we know of all the characters. The story, told with more depth in the characters and having the things which are skimmed over in the Megillah told in greater detail, would make a fascinating book. The last thing is that it seems that Mordechai and Esther only got rid of Haman. King Acheshvarosh didn’t really care about the Jews. The Jews did all the fighting and Acheshvarosh never planned to use the army against them and never used it for them. He had Haman killed but the reason the Jews won was because G-d no longer turned away from them. The last thing I noticed was how similar Acheshvarosh was to the people against Israel. When the Jews successfully defended themselves against enemies who want to kill them his first reaction was look how many people they’re killing imagine what they’re doing outside the capital. It’s a classic “blame the victim” mentality.


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