Saturday, March 04, 2006

Petty Talk Show Host Rivalries

Listening on Friday to Michael Medved it struck me how much talk show hosts despise some of the others (usually those ahead in the ratings). For example Medved was saying how any talk show host who says we are selling away our national security in the port deal is a deliberate liar (ahem Savage). Also when telling a website plugging caller why she had been cut off (by the way why do some people constantly call up these shows some of the hosts actually know these people from their calls) that I don't run my show like an infomercial for my book (ahem Hannity). Not to be outdone Savage will call the two hosts ahead in the ratings Hush Bimbo and Pawn Vanity. Of course he also claims he doesn't care about ratings but whenever they come out he trumpets his success for hours.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Tobie said...

Trying to generalize anything from Savage is...I can't even think of a metaphor right now, but not a good idea. The man is flipping insane. Absolutely mental. Listening to him is like watching a car wreck in slo-mo... just waiting for him to finally lose it entirely.

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Jordanlightfoot said...

Savage is...wild, to be nice about it. You don't know what he's gonna say next. Though I don't agree with all his views (especially those religiously motivated) his wit is unmatched on radio and TV. I still can't say Hush Bimbo without grinning. But the best thing about Savage is his opinions are actually his, not the popular opinion of a particular party or poll result. Keep listening to Savage because I think he's gonna have a heart attack one day on-air, and that's interesting radio!


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