Sunday, March 12, 2006

USA 4, Japan 3

I thought the WBC would be pretty good baseball. I was wrong it's amazing baseball. I just watched Japan play America and it has got to be up their in the classic games I've seen and it ranks ahead of any non-playoff game. First of all you had Japan really pumped about this game. Remember Japan loves baseball and wants to show itself as the equal to America. So the first batter was Ichiro and he hits a home run. The US threatens in the bottom of the first but the choker A-Rod comes up and hits into a double play. Then in the second Japan gets two runs and the US can't score. Over the middle innings the US ties the games on home runs by Chipper and Derrick Lee. This is already a good game but the final two innings are what makes it great. In the eighth Japan loads the bases with one out. They have a very fast player on. A fly ball is hit and the runner tags. The US claims he was out for leaving early but they lose. Then the (American) umps overrule the call and call the runner out. The game is still tied though and the US goes 1-2-3 on the ninth. Then Japan loads the bases on walks but Lidge strikes out Japan's cleanup hitter. Then comes the bottom of the ninth. First Vernon Wells hits a single. A sac bunt which Randy Winn beats out leads to first and second nobody out. Then Michael Young bunts but the lead runner is thrown out. Then Jeter is hit by a pitch. Bases loaded one out. Griffey runs the count full but then on 3-2 swings on a pitch out of the zone. It comes up to A-Rod, the one who buckles under pressure, A-rod lines the pitch past the pitcher. The ball hits off the second baseman's glove and the USA wins. The game was classic and it had an Olympics feel to it. Japan and to a lesser extent the US cared a lot about who won. As a Yankees fan I am worried about the fact that Jeter laid down two sacrifices. Just imagine Damon then Jeter I bet he'll break the record for sac bunts.


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