Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A's 4 Yankees 3

Record 1-1
Pythagorean Record 1.355-1 (This record is the some of their pythagorean percentages in each separate game and then adding them).

The Yankees started off strong putting runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out in the first. Harden came back and struck out Sheffield, A-Rod, and Giambi to end the inning. The teams each scored 3 runs in the first eight innings (The Yankees with singles and groundouts and the A's with a single and two homeruns). The Yankees bullpen was looking good with a scoreless 8th. Then Torre struck with his first game-changing decision. In the bottom of the ninth in a tied game he can bring in the best reliever ever or a glorified ROOGY. This is one of the highest possible leverage situations and is the closer's secondary role. The A's understood this and brought in Street, but Torre went with loyalty, went with past performance, went by the book, and went with Scott Proctor. The results were predictable a walk, a sac bunt (again done in a high percentage time) ,then an intentional walk, and then a game winning RBI single.

Who Looked Good: Mussina looked solid giving up 2 earned runs in 7 innings. His curve was breaking sharply and he parlayed it into 6 strikeouts. He did give up two homers which is a bad sign. He walked only one and hit another for a very solid K:BB ratio. At the plate Posada was hitting the ball sharply and had a good night despite being robbed of a double. Damon was very solid with a couple of walks and a double. A-Rod had a good night with a pair of singles.

Who Didn't Look Good: Robinson Cano had a bad game despite a base hit because he was swinging at the first pitch far too often. Bernie Williams looked overpowered at times as well.
Scott Proctor also did not do exceptionally only getting the out they gave him.

Other Notes: Rich Harden looked exceptionally sharp and could turn the Cy Young ballot into a three man race with all three pitchers being under 30 years old. In the 7th inning Jeter sacrifice bunted Damon over to second. Needless to say, a hitter of Jeter's caliber shouldn't be bunting. This is a scene which will repeat itself over and over this year.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger Cutter said...

Good job with the wrapup. My blog actually started as a conservative/yankee blog. I have since made it primarily a Yankee blog and go to for my conservative needs.

You're in chicago, right? Do you get the games on satellite?

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Mike said...

No I get my games on MLB.TV. By the way I'm actually in your league as the team Whose Broad Pinstripes

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Cutter said...

Nice. We are both having a rough week so far in the fantasy league.

I'll stick a link to your blog on my site.


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