Thursday, April 06, 2006

A's 9 Yankees 5

Record 1-2
Pythagorean Record 1.59-1.41
In the third game of the season Torre proved himself to be worse than the blind squirrel. For the second game in a row Torre fumbled through his bullpen options and came up with maybe the worst one possible. Due to the Yankees lack of bullpen depth (Ahem Colter Bean) they were forced to go to Jaret Wright for two innings. Then with the score tied Torre faced a dilemma. Who should pitch the 8th and 9th. Farnsworth was supposedly out, having worn himself out with a 10 pitch outing the previous night, but that didn't turn out to be true (if it was true it would also be nonsensical like Guillen taking out two starters for rest on day 2 after an off day). Of course leaving Wright in was the obvious choice, right? Having done this calculation about Farnsworth Torre bided his time. First Wright gave up a triple, then after some bad defense and two runs later, he brought in the one who was unavailable, Kyle Farnsworth. This begs the question of, "Why not at the beginning of the 8th?" Torre seems uncapable of realizing that a tie game is an important situation and is one which should be entrusted to your best relievers. However Torre is like a blind squirrel in that, he knows that Rivera is his best and most important reliever (not always ,see game 2, but usually, especially in the playoff), but that is where the similarities end. A blind squirrel is a tragic creature trying to make the best out of bad circumstances. Torre takes a great situation and makes it into a bad one. Also nobody congratulates the blind- squirrel for his vision and votes him 'acorn gatherer of the year'. Finally and most importantly the blind squirrel is left to freeze and starve to death while Torre is entering his tenth year as manager.
Wang was good for the first 4 innings but was betrayed in the 4th by Jeter messing up an easy double play ball (he made up for it though by flipping to home plate 5 years ago). Wang did give up to hard hit balls after that but he relearned the dangers of being a Yankees groundballer (or flyballer heck with Posada even a strikeout pitcher isn't safe) and you can't blame him for how he pitched depressed. In the next inning he walked a run in despite throwing a perfect pitch on 2-2 which was called a ball. The defense was atrocious with Jeter's error and Cano making an error in the eighth.
The Yankees hit two home runs but aside from that were dominated by Haren, who struck out 8 batters. This was a disappointing game because it was a winnable game lost through bad defense and worse managing.


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