Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yankees 15 A's 1 (8th inning)

Yankees Record 1-0
Pythagoran WPCT% .995

The Yankees dominated this game starting in the second inning. The first two hitters got out but the Yankees got back to back walks before finishing the inning. Zito had little velocity, with his fastball hitting an 84 mph max, and little location on his curveball. In the second inning the Yankees batted around and more for 7 runs capped by an A-Rod grand slam. After that it was just piling on runs.

What Was Good: Besides the obviously great offense there were some interesting things happening. Bernie Williams showed good bat speed and was taking pitches up the middle and showing better plate discipline. Randy Johnson was okay but did not look that impressive having only three strikeouts. He did, however, have a few balls hit for easy popups which is a good sign.
A-Rod looked in good defensive condition by robbing two hits down the line. He showed his weakness on bunts when he fumbled a softly hit ground ball.

What Was Bad: Giambi made an error on a ball he should have had pretty easily. Aside from that Everything was perfect although Giambi had a small collision with Posada due to, it seemed bad communication on a pop fly.

Other Interesting Tidbits: The A's outfield defense is sick they have a ton of range and will take away a lot of doubles and singles. Frank Thomas and Jim Thome seem to be pretty similar players as injury-prone DHs. Wy the extra risk of injury to Thomas is worth 8 mil a year and Aaron Rowand is beyond me. Both are looking good with Thome and Thomas homering in their first game.
P.S. By the way, how can you not love a pythagorean winning percentage of .995.


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