Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yankees Angels

The Yankees salvaged the last game of their series against the Angels 10-1 the Yankees have an extremely inconsistent offense with a standard deviation of around 4 on an average of 6 runs a game. Mussina was sharp for the whole game except for his one bad inning which is a trademark of Mussina. The Yankees offense teed off against Bartolo Colon despite the presence of Miguel Cairo playing first. There is no real reason why a lefty who hits fastballs well and can play defense, (Andy Phillips) would be sat in favor of a player who is completely worthless at everything he does. In Game 2 of the series Randy Johnson pitched better than he did on Opening Day even though he allowed 2 more runs. Johnson struck out 8 batters and walked none. He also allowed no homers. I think that Randy Johnson will have a better year than any pitcher not named Santana or Halliday. The Yankees offense was bad but not as bad as they seemed. The Yankees put 26 balls in play against the Angels. 2 of them went for hits. That is a .077 BABIP . The league average last year was around .300 if ythe Yankees had had average luck they would have had 5 more hits. This may be a bit high because they weren't hitting the ball hard all the time but I can think of three hits which the Yankees were unlucky to not get. One came from Cano who hit a low line drive straight at a fielder. The second time came with runners on first and second and 1 out. A-Rod hit a ball up the middle which hit Santana's knee. That prevented one run from scoring. In the eighth with Sheffield on second A-Rod hit a line drive which was grabbed by Kotchman that stopped another run from scoring. As for the first game I can't comment as I didn't see it but it looks like Chacon's magical mystery tour may be over. As for unluckiness the Yankees Pythagorean record is 4-2 with their record 2-4.


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