Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Red Sox 7 Yankees 3

I was not able to watch the game due to my schools late closing but I did see the game play by play and was very frustrating. The Yankees have two relievers who have any reliability out of the pen. They have one good LOOGY who can't LOOG against Ortiz and Sturtze who should be known as a ZOOGY (Zero outs only guy). Then they have Small and Proctor. Small is useful for spot starts and long relief. He walks too many and strikes out too few to be used with any reliabilty out of the bullpen. Proctor is a strange case. He walks many batters and strikes out a lot and is a home run machine waiting to happen. But he is a useful reliever who can take up a few innings. The major problem is that Torre isn't aware of most of this. He thinks Sturtze=Farnsworth and that tied road games are not for Rivera. So far this thinking has cost 2 games and it will keep on happening. When Dotel comes back the Yankees will have the best 7-8-9 combo in the league but right now they need to find somebody for the seventh. I think that Jaret Wright would be the best choice. He has stamina and he has potential if he doesn't have to go through the lineup more than once. He needs to be in the pen when Pavano returns in June so we should start training him for it and give his starts to Small or Proctor.
In better news the Yankees top prospect is now up to Double-A at the age of 20. In 2007 we're looking at a rotation of Hughes, (maybe called up in July or so) Wang, Chacon, Johnson, Pavano, and one of the Yankees AAA pitchers and that rotation is one with very good possibilities.


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