Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The State of The Union Address

Ths address is one I would rate a B-. The first 25 minutes were pap except for the admirable defense of supporting democracy. The speech said nothing of value for a while and was just Rah-Rah rambling. Then he entered his domestic policy phase. He started off strong by rejecting tariffs and supporting permanent tax cuts and supporting immigration. Then he started off on plain dumb ideas. One is increased government funding for alternate energy sources. This is the idea whichwon't be stopped by the reality against it. Also he made the misleading statement saying that they cut non-security disgressionary spending that is true but partly because so much of that stuff is shoved into nondisgressionary spending. Also the most revealing time in the speech was when the Democrats started applauding the line where Bush said my plan to save Social Security was stopped. If there ever was a party with no agenda it is the Democrats today. For the second year in a row the Democrat response had a message which was something like, " We love Jesus now listen to us on the other issues." There was the usual support for raising spending and cutting the budget by raising taxes. Of course its easy to balance a budget with no military but that is secondary to the governors. Also he endorsed the illegality of drug importation from Canada. The last strange thing is that medical care for the non-poor elderly has become a moral obligation. The old who aren't eligible for Medicaid are richer than average. Why should the government support them?

The Worst Investment

In 1985 the Dow Jones was 1500 points now it is close to 12000. Gold was around $325 an ounce and is now close to $600 this makes these buy gold advertisements annoying because it is one of the worst investments out there. Gold is around a 4% return over the past 20 years. The stock market is around an 11% return annully over the past 20 years.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Maybe the most inaccurate statement made in announcing.

The Bulls announcers were describing the game in a postgame summary tonight and they said that Ben Gordon had scored the Bulls last ten points and that all of them were needed. The final score of the game was 111-91.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Idiocy of Yankee Kool-Aid drinkers.

At my school I was talking about the Yankees with a fellow fan. In a short conversation he manged to state several foolish positions. First he claimed that Sheffield was a good defensive outfielder citing his strong arm. This ignores his lack of range and his disdain for hustling. He then claimed Matsui was a savvy fielder. ( Although he claims to have listened to the games he obviously hasn't seen the terrible routes Matsui takes.) Robinson Cano was described as fast despite having only 1 steal all year. The most idiotic point was his attempt to characterize the Yankees as young. This definiton works only if you feel 32 is young and even then they are slightly old. Of course he didn't want to admit that this was trouble so he tried to argue that these days aging doesn't matter.

Do You Recognize a Pattern

John Kerry (or his office) decided to make a statement of beliefs on the ultra nutty website Daily Kos basically it was standard boilerplate about how the Bush administration let Osama go at Tora Bora because they were preparing for war with Iraq (I think John Kerry is a fan of Von Klausowitz military strategy.) When you consider the fact that extra soldiers would be pointless it's strange to see what the War in Iraq has to do with Tora Bora. But the point is that both Gore and Kerry have started going off the liberal deep end after losing. After Hillary Clinton you'll see this pattern repeat itself.

Do You Recognize a Pattern

John Kerry (or his office) decided to make a statement of beliefs on the ultra nutty website Daily Kos basically it was standard boilerplate about how the Bush administration let Osama go at Tora Bora because they were preparing for war with Iraq (I think John Kerry is a fan of Von Klausowitz military strategy.) When you consider the fact that extra soldiers would be pointless it's strange to see what the War in Iraq has to do with Tora Bora. But the point is that both Gore and Kerry have started going off the liberal deep end after losing. After Hillary Clinton you'll see this pattern repeat itself.

Osama lovers in America

It is deeply disturbing that Osama Bin Laden can make a book go from 216,000 to 20 with just one plug. A large segment of this market are the moonbats who only narrowly voted Osama worse than George W. Bush. The author is even more despicable efusing to disacosiate himself from the endorsement. He either is a terrorist lover or a money-grubbing author. Among those people its hard to say which is worse.

A Crazy Bumper Sticker

Coming back from the library my father pointed out a bumper sticker which said. "The Hokey Pokey is What it's all about." There may be deep theological implications to this but I'm not going to bother examining them.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Grossman Under Snap

It looked extremely rocky for the bear front team that day
the score was 7 zip and it was only the second play,
and so when Peanut let Smith by and for six he did blaze
there was a morbid edge to the fan's alchoholic haze.

A straggling few gave up on the Bears for the day
The rest clung to the hope that "Winner" Orton wouldn't play.
If only "mighty" Grossman could but complete one of two
I might put money on them if even that he could do.

But the Bears then went three-and-out and then did so again
It seemed their only chance was for Vasher to jump the passing lane
So the Bear fandom sat through the punting drive after drive
For there seemed but little chance of the dead offense coming alive

But Rex took them deep to score six at the end of the half
To start the third they got six more and the fans started to laugh
They were down but two and they knew what would soon occur
Their defense would hold strong and young Rex Grossman would endure

Then from the fans there did rise a fearsome cry of battle
For they knew that they would win they were going to Seattle
The game was surely over the fat lady had just to sing
For Chitown mighty Chitown was the clear defensive king

There was ease in the hard count as Grossman marched them down once more
But what was this? The Panthers took the ball and proceeded to score
And when responding to the score young Grossman brought them back
Drama in this famous second city was not any lack

Fans eyes were on Smith when he ran the reverse for twenty
Agonized Bears watched as he scored beating Thompson plenty
And after the touchdown the fans hearts were suddenly flipped
When the kick hit the uprights because mighty Kasay slipped

The Bears were down eight just an easy, quick score and a two
With mighty Rex in the backfield a simple thing to do
They drove the ball quickly to the thirty-seven yard line
Rex looked to Gage too long, to Ken Lucas it was a sign

From the bleachers black with Bears fans there came a muffled roar
like the beatings of a storm wave on a stern and distant shore
"Bench him, bring in 'winner' Orton." Shouted someone in the stands
And its likely they'd have done it had not Lovey raised his hand.

First down brought the Panthers nine yards the Bears did need a stop
A loss and a gain of four and they punt, one chance to top
Rex gets the ball with only one minute left in the game
A Rex incomplete pass the receiver deserves the blame

A strike outside to Muhammed it is now first and ten
This is time in football which separates the boys from men
A sneak, an incomplete, a pass and then its fourth and one
a chance to continue or perhaps the game is done.

Grossman heads up the line hears the cheers from the nervous fans
everyone is looking closely from tots to the eldest grans.
He has Moose Muhammed on an out looks over with fear
the moment stops as the high pass comes over him but near

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright
the band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light
and, somewhere men are laughing and little children shout,
But there is no joy in Chitown
for Chicago is now out.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mystique, Aura Fail

The Patriots lose to the Broncos in a game where it was assumed they couldn't lose. Also they lost because they played carelessly not at all like the playoff hardened veterans are supposed to play. Thank G-d that the AFC championship will probably be between the two best teams.

Another Great Moment for Women's Sports

A boy's high school hockey team beats the woman's olympic team in an exhibition 2-1. This was event hough there was no checking which would have given the boys team a bigger edge. This is one of the many reasons Title IX is stupid it denies that men are not only more adept at sports but better at them. Also they are not huge money drains on colleges as women's colleges are. I don't think women are in significant danger if they lose their guaranteed equality in sports money.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Michael Savage is nuts (Volume XXXXXXXXXIIII)

Michael Savage was making a huge deal about Feinstein correcting Kennedy during a diatribe of his. His basic assumption was that Kennedy is a Manchurian candidate with Feinstein as the queen of diamonds. This is reasonably humourous. Michael then went on a rant about how FoX News wouldn't cover this story and how this showed that it was in the pockets of the Communist rat filth.

The Alito Hearings

These hearings are completely pointless. It involves Democrats attacking Alito with empty platitudes and then attacking him for answering with empty platitude. But seriously it is the problem with the committee structure. A bill can be killed in committee with majority support. However the full Senate can't bypass this committee. Judges have no reason to be kept in committee as any questions are suitable for a full senate. Unfortunately you can't mess with the Mystique and Aura of the Senate structure.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Arming Africa

It seems that the best way to prevent genocide is to arm the citizenry however the humanitarians have been brought up to believe that private gun ownership is evil. This is perhaps their cause which will cost the most lives. The reason this interests me is because of a conversation I had on Thanksgiving about what technology brought back from today would mean the most rapid technological advancement of the world. I would say the technology which would make the most difference is probably navigating equipment and the technology backround. However the one which might make the most difference is a bow which would be distributed to the serfs which could penetrate armor. For example a cheap crossbow which could be distributed would allow the people to stop the army from taking their crops and would probably make the most difference in limiting government power as they couldn't just oppress large numbers of serfs with no personal consequences. This is the reason for the Second Amendment. It is the ultimate check on government. An armed citizenry cannot be ignored and oppressed without serious consequences. Nothing can stop an unreasonable search and seizure by the government or the quartering of troops in your house better than a pistol. Again militias were private groups. The Second Amendment is the true base for all our freedoms we have today.

Pat Robertson the Fool

Pat Robertson has come out saying that the stroke is God's punishment to Sharon for his disengagement. I would like to publicly apologize for having onc esupported his statement about Chavez. This man is not only an idiot but an evil one. He is one of two prominent men publicly saying this right now. The other is the President of Iran. Pat Robertson hosts a show listened to by gullible fools who don't see him as the fraud he is. Furthermore considering Sharon's body type its more a miracle he didn't have strokes before now than retribution now. (One is at .01 the other is at 0 respectively.)

A Warp Drive Possible

Some serious scientist is saying that he can make a ship go faster than light in our dimension by going into a separate dimension. Probably this won't happen because to work we would have to rework the laws of physics. The Air Force has expressed interest though so there probably is more to this than just half-baked ideas. The most interesting thing is that he said he could build a working engine in 5 years. This is about the time it is taking Microsoft for their next operating system. If this is true it will have a secondary wonderful effect of making NASA irrelevant.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

May Sharon have a Complete Recovery

Sharon's internal bleeding has apparently not stopped and the operation must continue. My sincerest wish is that Sharon should completely recover quickly. Even more important is the danger of the country being left leaderless while he is under. With people like the Arabs who celebrate at news of his stroke, (also there are the Amir like Jews who are celebrating and they are equally disgusting) there must be a serious concern that they will launch heavy terrorist attacks on Israel. Perhaps in the global considerations the lack of leadership while Israel makes its final decision on attacking Iran's reactor is the most serious. However when Sharon recovers from this stroke he should immediately step down from any leadership position for these reasons. Someone with such a critical job should not be one who can become incapacitated at any moment.

Texas 41, Usc 38

An amazing Rose Bowl was played showing the superiority of the BCS to the previous system since the Rose Bowl wasn't bound by conference. It also demonstrates why college football is so much more entertaining (with two good teams) than the NFL. One reason is that the defenses are worse which makes each play more likely to be a breakaway play for a big gain. Another factor is that the clock stops on first downs within 2 minutes of the end of the half. Also there is more offense which means more lead changes and more interestiong football since a defensive struggle is one of the most boring things to watch. The final factor is the lack of good kicking which makes even the PATs not automatic

Monday, January 02, 2006

Russia, Ukraine and the Joy of Competition

Russia recently has entered into a dispute with Ukraine after they cut off natural gas supplies from Ukraine after the expiration of the current contract. The real problem is that Ukraine is where the natural gas to Europe goes through and is saying they will take gas instead of transit fees. Natural gas prices in Europe have shot up. This case clearly shows the dangers of relying on any one group to supply a necessity. This is why I don't think widespread boycotts of middle-eastern oil is a good thing. The money may go to support terrorism but the important thing is to make collusion/ natural problems have less of an effect on the economy and the market. Russia seems to consider Ukraine as a Taiwan type country to be meddled with as needed. When the power of orange elected the non-Kremlin candidate Russia decided to retaliate. One can only hope this solved peacefully and without the use of serious weaponry.

This is the first in hopefully a series of Narnia the Musical. This song is when the witch announces her claim on Edmund it combines Tradition and Matchmaker from Fiddler on the roof
White Witch: Who day and night must punish every treason?
I say that I do, Deep Magic is my reason.
And who has the right as an evil villain
To punish you instead?
All: The White Witch, The White Witch, Tradition!
The White Witch, The White Witch, Tradition!
White Witch: Who must know the way to do the evil rite,
The wicked rite, the needed rite,
Who must take the traitors worthless life
So my prophesied knell won't ring
All: The White Witch, The White Witch, Tradition!
The White Witch, The White Witch, Tradition!
Edmund: First time I ate Turkish delight, Next time I ran away.
I hear they've got it in for me, I hope it's not today
All: The Traitor, The Traitor, Tradition!
The Traitor, The Traitor, Tradition!
Lucy: And who discovered the door in the spare 'oom
And was told imagining was my nome de plume
All: The Lucy, The Lucy, Tradition!
The Lucy, The Lucy, Tradition!
Aslan: White Witch, White Witch, make your pick
But once you do, get out real quick
White Witch, White Witch, pick me please
And leave the poor child alone.
White Witch, White Witch, I 'll go alone
You cut me up, I'll pick you no bone.
White Witch, White Witch, I'll take the scorn
when my long mane is shorn.
Peter go lead the whole army
Edmund stay behind away from vice
Luce and Sue will then come with me
Until they reach the place of sacrifice
White Witch, White Witch just make the cut
I'll be as peaceful as any mutt
In just one day, are armies will battle
So slaughter me as you would a cattle.

Aslan Oh Aslan, It's so very hard to choose
Boy Edmund, King Lion, the other I lose.
But I'll defeat you, a quick rout, Right? Right.
I just flip a nickel, or maybe I'll cheat.
But the picked one is dead, vultures will eat.
Aslan, I flipped it, your side was on the top
It's perfect, it's great, your head will chop
Think I have mercy, compassion, Yeah, Right.
You thought I wait a small bit, I'm killing you tonight
Your reign will have then ended- ending spring blight